How do they arrive at the conclusion that they are defending anyone’s freedom? You know that no one would threaten Americans if Americans weren’t parading across the planet bombing whomever we please and occupying their streets with automatic weapons and tanks. It baffles me how it occurs to exactly zero Americans that if on our way to the store we were stopped and searched by Chinese troops, or if the Chinese had murdered one of our neighbors, or bombed a nearby school - that smouldering hatred for the Chinese wouldn’t be an ingrained part of our mentality as a culture. You don’t plot to destroy cities halfway across the globe just for the heck of it. You don’t convince people to strap bombs to themselves and kill tourists for the heck of it. You can do those things because all you have to do is pull aside the curtain on your living room window to see armed thugs from that country across the planet patrolling your community, and that is more than enough to give people a reason to fight back. We need to get out. We need to stop. We need to understand that we have absolutely no right to abuse and bully the rest of the world simply because we can. We need to realize that our disturbing actions will have dire consequences, and that those consequences need to be looked at as such. So no, the troops are not defending our freedom, they’re digging our graves.

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