i think we all have that one piece of media we like that’s basically “i love this thing, but i dont think everyone should watch this thing and would not categorically recommend it to other people i know, this thing has a lot of problems and i am the first person you should ask if you want to know a long list of criticisms, but i REALLY ENJOY THIS THING” its like holding up a can of trash to everyone else and saying ”you are a reasonable person and you would not enjoy touching this garbage and i value that about you” and then pouring it out on the ground and rolling around in it yourself

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Andrew Garfield makes pizza at ‘Locanda dei Girasoli’ in Rome, Italy (April 14, 2014)

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if the loch ness monster is ever proven to be real i’m throwing a huge party and im gonna get Fucked Up

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ tony ward f/w 2014-15

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Disney Princess line vs. what they actually look like in their movies.

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classic disney week; day 7 - free day

beautiful scenery  (1937-1967)

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God created our feelings, and feelings themselves are not evil. The sinful nature did seek to pervert and manipulate the feelings – getting their fix in all the wrong places. But feelings themselves are amoral. They are neither good, nor evil. It is what we do with those feelings, where they are directed and whether we choose to dwell in certain ones, which can result in a good or evil action. Feelings are also a beautiful, built-in thermostat, by which we gauge the spiritual climate and discern the atmosphere around us. Many Christians were considered flaky by the church in years past, because they relied more on their feelings than on common sense and man-made rules – but many of these are now being recognized for possessing a true gift of discernment. We should not be ruled by our feelings, but neither should we ignore them.

— John Crowder

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Just a reminder: If Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016, by the end of her first term in 2021, just three families (the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas) will have controlled the White House for 32 years.



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